You can make a difference on HOC-GivingTuesday 2017.

By donating today you will inspire families to reach new heights of self-sufficiency and improve life for their children.

So, what can $50,000 really do?   It will have a huge impact!!!

20 adults can get new skills that lead to employment with livable wages ($10,000);

  • In Montgomery County the annual median income of a family of four is $109,500; HOC families struggle to live on an average of $20,000. Help them to gain better employment.

 50 homeless families can move into stable permanent housing ($10,000);

  • Moving into permanent housing is beyond the reach of many homeless families because of insurmountable move-in expenses. Your help makes a home possible!

 100 at risk youth can complete STEM-enhancing academic activities ($10,000);

  • Low-income, minority youth are at greatest risk of falling behind in math and science. You help support robotics clubs that inspire youth to dream big dreams and excel in school.

 50 low-income youth can attend academic enriching summer day camps ($10,000).

  • Children who are unable to attend summer camps often experience summer slide and start the school year already behind by September. Your donation helps ensure kids stay on course.

 200 low-income families can receive holiday food/gift baskets ($10,000);

  • We all enjoy celebrating holidays with family and friends. However, for too many HOC families celebrating holidays is beyond their reach. 

Your HOC-GivingTuesday donation will help inspire hundreds of families

Make your donation to the Housing Opportunity Community Partners on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and throughout the holiday season.

And share news of our work with your friends and family...

Your generous donation can help low-income families increase their self-sufficiency and empower their children to break the cycle of poverty right here in your own back yard.

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